They come into our living room
With a calmness in their eyes

Spin us around in circles
And give us no answers to the big questions
So we chew on the scraps that they feed us
And just because they are in thousand dollar suits
Reciting words they did not write
Does not make every single word that they speak
Any less of a complete, screaming, venomous fucking lie

Don't bite the hook [2x]

This is just one of the sad and tragic ways
That so many poor young men have been sent off
Rushed off, cut off left to die

Don't bite the hook [2x]
Everything is not fine [3x]
Don't bite the hook [3x]

They come into our living room
With a calmness in their eyes


Don't bite the hook [?x]

Evol Intent feat. Aaron Bedard Of Bane - Smoke And Mirrors
Seven years ago today we released our politically charged LP ‘Era Of Diversion.’ For the next week we will celebrate the anniversary of the release with a free download of the CD version of the album. Enjoy!

Evol Intent - Era of Diversion [EILP001]

01 Evol Intent feat. Messinian - The Foreword
02 Evol Intent - Era of Diversion
03 Evol Intent feat. The Sound of Animals Fighting - The Curtain Falls
04 Evol Intent - South London
05 Evol Intent feat. Cypher Linguistics - Death, Lies and Videotape
06 Evol Intent feat. Ewun & Vicious Circle - Odd Number
07 Evol Intent - The Awkward Rhythm of the Dance
08 Evol Intent feat. Ewun - 8 Bit Bitch (Spor Remix)
09 Evol Intent - I'm Happy Your Grave Is Next to Mine
10 Evol Intent - 5:30 PM
11 Evol Intent feat. Ewun - Reality Check
12 Evol Intent feat. Aaron Bedard of Bane - Smoke and Mirrors
13 Evol Intent - Mutiny
14 Evol Intent - Double Glock
15 Evol Intent - Dead on Arrival
16 Evol Intent - Gunpowder Plot
17 Evol Intent - Middle of the Night
18 Evol Intent - The Oscine's Lament
19 Evol Intent - Maybe We'll Dance Tomorrow
20 Evol Intent - Unexplained Sounds

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  • Year
  • 2008

  • Genre

Evol Intent

Aaron Bedard Of Bane

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#5 Daily DnB

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