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According to the FBI
The brutal events that took place there
Are still not entirely known

- There's blood everywhere

- 911, what's your emergency? [2x]
Are you there?
- There, there are people here
- Okay, calm down
Where are you? What's your address?
- I don't know
- Are you in danger?
- Yes. Yes
- What's your name?
- Jordan. I need help
- Okay, can you tell me what street you're on?
- I don't know where we are
- Jordan, who are you with?
- Went in the house. We found people
- You found who, Jordan? Who did you find?
- There's, there's blood on the walls
Help us! [2x]
- Jordan, Jordan, calm down!
- It's everywhere!
- Jordan, what happened?
- There's blood everywhere

- The brutal events that took place there
Are still not entirely known

- There's blood everywhere [3x]
Prime Suspects - Brutal Murder (2013 Edit)
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Frontliner - Warphole (Prime Suspects 2014 Kick Edit)
Prime Suspects - Biblical MF's (Delete Loudness Mash-Up)
Prime Suspects - Singularity
Prime Suspects - Brutal Murder (2013 Edit)
Prime Suspects - Maximum Pain (2013 Edit)

  • Year
  • 2014

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Prime Suspects

Added Dec 25th, 2014 by DaHunger

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