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Thirty seconds to showtime
Better get ready
Got a feeling this is going to be good

Now we're talking
Enjoying the show so far?
All right, carry on

Things getting serious, ain't they?
Might want to take a deep breath right about now
Crack your knuckles and get comfortable
Ten seconds to go

Now we're talking

That's one for the history books

Artifact - Now We're Talking (DJ Splinta Remix)
Just got home to find this and I'm absolutely over the moon! 354 fans in a week and about 330 of them have been in the past 4 days!!! Blown away guys!!!

So here is your free tracks as promised!!!

Merry Christmas to all our fans

Much Love

From Gearbox
Artifact - Now We're Talking (DJ Splinta Remix)
David Rust - Reversion (Splinta's Dirt Rework)
Malice vs Delete vs Shellshock - Can't Stand The Math (Antracks Mashup)
Luminite - The Ultimate Mashup

  • Year
  • 2014

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#1 Daily Hardtrance

Added Dec 24th, 2014 by DaHunger

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