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Drokz feat Deterrent Man - Beef With The Police
Full Force Focus EP (DROKZ014):
01. Drokz feat The Vizitor - Do You Hear Me
02. Drokz - Vicious (Scream All You Want)
03. Drokz feat Deterrent Man - Beef With The Police
04. Drokz - Stealin Yo Shit Part 4 (250mg Of Music Medicine)
05. Drokz - Bringing The Funk Back

230 bpm. Started a track with some kicks, vocals and synth and got stuck…total blocked. Somehow it was meant to be that mr Deterrent man contacted me for a collab at that time. Since I like his style of production and I think he is one of the big talents in the terrorscene I was thinking “this could work”. So I sended him the stuff that I had (later even more) and man ….he surely didn’t disappoint me. Damn he made a kickass track of it. As an old school terrorhead I love to see that the next generation keeps the hellish flame burning \m/. Well done Deterrent man!!

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  • 2014

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Deterrent Man

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Added Nov 27th, 2014 by DaHunger

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