Current Value - Cybernetics VIP (Munchi Rather Downgrades VIP)
So after a hiatus of 6 months I’m finally starting with my monthly EP’s again!! Damn, it almost feels weird doing this thing after so long, haha.
I’ve been trying to do them again for 2 years now, but I got so stuck in all these projects that I couldn’t do them anymore :/. If you think about it last year and the year before I released about 2 or 3 ep’s a year, while in the first I basically put out everything that I had on my computer. During these years I made a shitload of new things and I also had a lot of unreleased work that was just sitting there after the seizure. It’s quite difficult to proceed again when you assume that your better, but you’re actually not. I wouldn’t say that it was a block, but it was definitely
comparable to it. That describes the last two years yo.

Besides that, a loooot of things happened between now and the last EP.
The BBC mix (where you could hear snippets of this years future releases) and of course the Azealia thing (can’t really look over that one lol).

1 of the ideas I had was to ask everyone what they would like to see released this month. I never expected to see that everyone was so up to date with everything! It was so fucking awesome to see that yo!! After I got all the results in I made a top 3 of the requests to pick one of them out for this month! And that is what I did. So for this month and the startoff of the free EP thing (next to my first gig of the year and
subtle introduction to my label HA)

*explosionsssss* *munchi whistle* *airhornsssss* #2 (all included in this release too)

- Skulltrap!

It’s pretty obvious to guess what you are going to be listening when you read the name lol. Skulltrap? No? Ok. It’s Skullstep/Trap and a little bit of Breakcore elements (ofcourse.). VIP’s of some of my favorite tracks that I have been wanting to remix for a while now yo and a first introduction to my original Skulltrap release later on.

And after all this talk, some more talk of course. About the tracks itself!!!!

1. Limewax - 666 Untitled vs. Cracking Core (Munchi’s 777 VIP)

Damn, I actually met this dude after wanting to meet for so long haha!
At the last PRSPCT XL (my favorite party, yes) I told him that I made a VIP of his untitled track. I always feel weird letting my favorite artists know that I remixed their shit you know? As a fan haha. He seemed really excited about this whole Skullstep/Trap experiment that I have been trying to pull of for quite a long time, so hopefully he’ll digg it lol. I tried mixing Skullstep with Trap elements like I said and I uploaded this about a year ago when it was still in concept fase haha. I was to excited about it and you know, I gotta let you guys know yo haha!! Mixing 2 of my favorite Limewax tracks into 1, in a short Trapped out version with lots of Metal snares (cant have enough of that) and lots of filter cuts hehehehe!!

2. Current Value - Cybernetics VIP (Munchi Rather Downgrades VIP)

Damn #2. Same as the last thing I wrote, I met this dude too at the last PRSPCT XL. I didn’t really know what to say tbh, because this dude right here is probably one of my biggest influences. I just said that I was really stoked to be on the same release as him on the Noisia remix EP lolloll. Every track this dude pulls out is banger after banger yo and to
pick 1 track to remix was reaaaaaallly hard. I made like 5 remixes or something haha and this one wasn’t finished until today. Matter of fact this wasn’t even going to be on it, because I started working on it today haha! You’ll see the reason on track nr. 3, but since it was a Donny track + Current Value remix, well I sneaked this one in ahaha. This track is by far my favorite track of Current Value and Lucio De Rimanez mixed it so good in his Filthcast 005 with Donny’s “Search And Destroy”. Dude, go check out that mix yo. I STILL listen to that mix all the fucking time man. About the track though I didn’t really know what to do with it tbh, because I like it that much. It’s like, how you even gonna try doing something to it lol? But I tried to keep the same feel in the track and Trap it up man. I especially loved making the second drop yo. You’ll see!! (Btw. someone else has the feeling that DJ RL - NFL Horns is coming
right after? prob not lol i keep having this feeling when hearing the track that it’s about to drop :s)

3. Donny & Current Value ft Mc Cidinho Y Doca - Symptomless Coma vs. Rap Da Felicidade (Munchi’s Detangle And Unlearn VIP)

HA! For real man, that fucking snare yo. The fast one. Ugh. Too sick man. I knew I had to do this one and I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it - Club rmx. It started out like that, but then over time I made it into Trap. I like when tracks leave the best for the end or just go out with a bang lol and that’s what I did here man. It always feels when that last part hits that everything before it was irrelevant haha. Dude, I dont care man if imma play this in the most commercial of commercial David Guetta clubs IM PLAYING THIS SHIT. I cant wait to see the wtf-is-happening-faces in the crowd ahahaha #trollsohard. About the track tho, I tried to keep the intro in Skullstep fashion. In the middle of the track you have a Baile Funk shoutout outta nowhere haha. I felt that it had to be in the track man and when I heared DJ Comrade working on the Favela Trap EP I was like yo, this is gonna be fucking perfect mixing it in with the Detangle/Unlearn VIP!!!! And I had the chance to test it out out in the BBC mix and it worked out perfectly!!!! From Tropical Bass to Skullstep, who said it couldn’t be done lol!!! The last part though,
I can’t stop talking about it haha. I put some sirens in it to make it extra epic with the extreme overload of metal snares. NEVER ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Numek & Drumcorps - Reactor Core vs. Down (Munchi’s Fire Extinguisher VIP)

Numek’s “Reactor Core”. The amount of times that I’ve listened to this track man. Damn, this bulldozer of a track never failed to amaze me. There is just so much happening at the same time the only thing
that you have going through your mind is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, while calmly listening to it in your headphones. I don’t know if I would be able to play this track out live, since I might just go too hard. lol. The same can be said about Drumcorps’ “Down”. That whole album was incredible man and sooooo fucking sick. That album alone was responsible for my Breakcore experiments, after going to a lifechanging 2007 rave in Bilbao and wanting to know everything about Breakcore. The thing with Breakcore was that to me it felt as a Reggeton break, but for a ENTIRE track. And there was nothing I loved making more than Reggeton breaks. Like the Golden Crash breaks in Reggeton, you’re so limited but you have to make it work with the same set of sounds over and over again. Same with Baile Funk later on. Anyway a lot of break influences of which I was talking about, Metal influences, Hardcore kicks
and just calm AAAAAAA moments. Feel the twitches yo lol.

Hope you guys digg it man!!

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