Darj - Pharmaecopia
The FKOF review:
"This twisted creation is far different from what we normally hear from the French producer’s studio. This track highlights why Darj is constantly supported by the biggest producers of our scene: his sound is one that continues to drive people insane. ‘Pharmaecopia' is proof if you still need it!"

"PLATFORMULA are a series of compilations - initiated and executed by the Bulgarian bass Label Platform Music

"The compilations are mainly focused on label artists and targeted producers. Volume 1 is released in partnership with the #1 dubstep blog FatKidOnFire.

"Artists on this free release are the Bulgarian wonders Balkansky and L 33, the French veterans Kantyze and one of the best upcomers on today’s scene - Darj. They're all joined by the UK’s bass weight warriors DyAD and Platform’s Basscatz, Vallew, Commit, Zinnat and Ex Nihilo..."

Platform x FatKidOnFire - Platformula Vol. 1
1. Ex Nihilo - Purpose
2. Commit - Everything Breathes
3. Darj - Pharmaecopia
4. DyAD - This Is Earth
5. Balhansky & L 33 - Evolution Progress
6. Kantyze - Genosha
7. Basscatz - Daddy
8. Zinnat - Unknown Dub
9. Vallew - Purification

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