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8y, 6M ago Coone - Keep It Whoat lyrics [Jumpstyle]
"Dance", yeah. "Uh-huh", no. Thanks for pointing a flaw!
8y, 6M ago Hardstyle Mafia - Would You Care lyrics [Hardstyle]
I think it's Hard... :D
8y, 7M ago Scope DJ - Mashed Up Vol. 1 lyrics [Hardstyle]
8y, 7M ago Noisecontrollers - Faster 'N Further lyrics [Hardstyle]
I hear "our". The source also has "our" in it.
8y, 7M ago Nexes - Project 2501 lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
On IMDB, it says it's "sensioned".
8y, 7M ago Elles de Graaf - Circles Of Why (Without You) (Robert Gitelman Remix) lyrics [Trance]
Is it ghost or ghosts, day or name, cry or crime?
8y, 7M ago Hellsystem - Vor lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
It is not a mistake. "Were" is used for other things than that too (look it up)
8y, 7M ago The Prophet & Wildstylez feat Leipe Dave - The Bad Guyz lyrics [Hardstyle]
Who put this together? Me! That's who! Fuck Gaspar Gomez and fuck the fucking Diaz brothers! Fuck 'em all! I'll bury those cockroaches! [...] You die, motherfucker! I told you, man No fuckin...
8y, 7M ago Roland & Sherman - Jonge Edammer lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
Hey Chemic-R, the melody is from the track "Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400"
8y, 7M ago Doctor Zot - Insound (The Anthem) lyrics [Hardstyle]
I think this is what it should be: Insound [x?] We are on a secret mission for world domination We are the protectors of sound The time has come to stand up and fight for what we believe B...
8y, 7M ago T-Junction & Prowler - The Deal lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
"That's how we do it out here on this underground real shit " Doesn't sound like it's THAT'S. Maybe THIS or IT'S?
8y, 7M ago T-Junction - Without Me lyrics [Hardcore/Gabber]
wrong -> right I influenced many children -> I influenced so many children The end is also incorrect and missing a big part, here is some of it: Watch out baby! <
8y, 7M ago Alphaverb - Got It! (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
There aren't this many repetitions in the song. There are two mixes: Original Mix and Unoriginal Mix
8y, 7M ago The R3bels - Blog lyrics [Hardstyle]
I think it starts with an M too
8y, 8M ago Marco Cordi - Push The Button request [Other]
Look at Status, it says Pending approval, that means someone has already submitted it.
8y, 8M ago Max Enforcer - Damned lyrics [Hardstyle]
Released. But I'm not sure what the album title is... :) Either Tillt 003 or Fade To Black
8y, 8M ago Slim Shore - King Of The Stage lyrics [Hardstyle]
Released on: Scars / King of the Stage / Syren [FUSION 067-5]
8y, 8M ago Slim Shore - Scars lyrics [Hardstyle]
Released on: Scars / King of the Stage / Syren [FUSION 067-5]
8y, 8M ago Slim Shore - Syren lyrics [Hardstyle]
release: Scars / King of the Stage / Syren [FUSION 067-5] YT: 8IFlmligMqM
8y, 8M ago Wildstylez & Isaac - Lost In Music lyrics [Hardstyle]
My guess is "realm" :)
8y, 8M ago Ramp - Fear The Thunder (Vortex & Impakt Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Corrections: I see the thunder crowning through the air Without you, I feel depression, no escape I smell the teardrops, I know it's time to rain The lyrics are from "Elles De Graaf - C...
8y, 8M ago Frontliner - On The Rise lyrics [Hardstyle]
Released on: Sampler [SCSP027] There's one more sentence in the full version: Your star is on the rise The drone, the whi...
8y, 8M ago Brennan Heart & Wildstylez - Reputation Game lyrics [Hardstyle]
Released on: Sampler [SCSP027]
8y, 8M ago Chain Reaction - Out With A Bang lyrics [Hardstyle]
Released on: Lellebel [MINUS006]
8y, 8M ago Chain Reaction - Lellebel lyrics [Hardstyle]
Released on: Lellebel [MINUS006]
8y, 8M ago Chain Reaction - Victime lyrics [Hardstyle]
No longer a preview. Released on: Lellebel [MINUS006]
8y, 8M ago Chain Reaction - Answers lyrics [Hardstyle]
No longer a preview. Released on: Lellebel [MINUS006]
8y, 8M ago Robin Clark - Da Fuk lyrics [Hardstyle]
"Welcome The year 2010, the year of revolution in harder styles music representation The year of bass, the year of melody The year that is dedicated to you You are the individuals we make our...
8y, 8M ago Robin Clark - Da Fuk lyrics [Hardstyle]
Released on: Level 2 E.P. [HBR004]
8y, 8M ago Rexanthony - Capturing Matrix lyrics [Trance]
"For years the Matrix has illuded us," should be eluded Voice sampled from G1 Transformers - The Burden Hardest To Bear Transformers Season 3 Episode #92 "The Burden Hardest To...
8y, 8M ago Sonny and Crocket - Mutationz (CoastGuard Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Now it has enough power to [..], and the worst thing is [...] = mutate (=spread)
8y, 8M ago Brainkicker vs. Hardstatic - Justice lyrics [Hardstyle]
released on: Black Justice E.P. [DJU019] YT-video: eA8DWYBKGiE full lyrics: What is justice? What is crime and what is not? I think I forgot... Squeeze the trigger! Motherfucker!...
8y, 8M ago Headhunterz - Subsonic lyrics [Hardstyle]
wrong -> right Very hideous physiological effects -> A variety of physiological effects And, is it "'They're' coming for you" Or is it "'We're' coming for you"? I think I hear "we're" The r...
8y, 8M ago Flarup & ABW - Emotions (Xstatic Anthem) (Radio Edit) lyrics [Hardstyle]
TheTocksic, I think it's "inside" too Stan, I don't think it is "foreing". Sounds more like foreging/foraging...but I've never heard of those words, so...:) is it "delight" or is it "alive"? :P...
8y, 8M ago The Nasty Boyz - Angel (Ivan Carsten & Manuel W. Vocal Evolution Edit) lyrics [Hardstyle]
"The track samples Vangelis - Rachel's Song from the 'Blade Runner' OST." from
8y, 8M ago The Nasty Boyz - Angel (Hardstyle Masterz Cut) lyrics [Hardstyle]
It is from the song "Vangelis - Rachel's Song", which is on "Blade Runner" OST (a soundtrack from that movie)
8y, 8M ago The Prophet Feat. Headhunterz - High Rollerz lyrics [Hardstyle]
Yeah, I hear it too, Eddie :)
8y, 8M ago Infected Mushroom - Killing Time lyrics [Psychedelic/Goa]
I can kill you but is it can or could?
8y, 8M ago Illuminatorz - Play It Rough lyrics [Hardstyle]
Working, full YT-video: Cr7dul128z4 Released today, as MP3, on: Get Punqed / Play It Rough [PUNQ004]
8y, 8M ago B-Front - Darkside request [Other]
I think I hear "Hands are heavy" Anyone else? :)
8y, 8M ago Gostosa Presentz Cybersutra Ft. Tiff Lacey - Sutra lyrics [Hardstyle]
YT-video: gQ0iI2eN0_4 released on vinyl: Sutra [SCANRELOADED024]
8y, 9M ago Giorno - Pretending Happiness (dBrotherz Remix) request [Other]
Nothing seems like it is but-- But you don't give a shit You hear me now? I talk to you I quit this shit, I quit this bitch Good face, bad face Good taste, bad taste I'm just trying to-- Goo...
8y, 9M ago Noisecontrollers - TBA (Faster 'n Further) request [Other]
Further and further We have to jump It's captivated our imaginations, haunted my dreams And here it is, spinning before our eyes It's comforting to remember [...] Further and further ...
8y, 11M ago Crypsis - Chaser lyrics [Hardstyle]
Listened to the original track, didn't make it any easier to hear. haha All right, let's drop this. :)
8y, 11M ago Crypsis - Chaser lyrics [Hardstyle]
hmm ok. Tone could make sense too, but since you say the source says Tour I guess that's it then. quick reply, btw =)
8y, 11M ago Crypsis - Chaser lyrics [Hardstyle]
Anyone else hear "tone" instead of "tour"?
8y, 11M ago Crypsis - Tuatara lyrics [Hardstyle]
Hmm. Is this really correct: " fuck your..."? Anyone think it could be: "...the fuck you're..."?
9y ago Hardstyle Masterz & Max Enforcer - Rambo Is A Pussy lyrics [Hardstyle]
Didn't like this track at first but after hearing it a few times I now find it quite funny... :)
9y, 2M ago Headhunterz - Digiwave lyrics [Hardstyle]
The 4th line, anyone else think it should be: "For every day I live, you'll be forced TO WATCH your back"? "to watch" instead of "throughout". Makes more sense too. :)