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9y ago Cyclon-Z - Dirty Shit (Full Force Remix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Woah thanks a lot!!! :D I only need to find what it says at the beginning about "Everyone wants a piece of this..." Btw, yes Cyclon-Z is Audio Damage (Nick Zupan)
9y, 2M ago Radium - Only A Test (GiGi Lav Remix) lyrics [Hardtrance]
Thaaanks!! :) Btw I think it says Plaintiff, not plaitiff. But thanks though!
9y, 5M ago Plastic Voice - Los Niños Del Parque (Gary D. Destruct Remix) request [Other]
Salva, yes he's speaking Italian
9y, 6M ago DJ Serge & DJ Remy Martinez - Da Beat lyrics [Hardtrance]
Thank you again and yes this song is from 2003 :)
9y, 6M ago Yn Fainagh - Acceleration (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardtrance]
Thank you so much mate. Oh and i thought it said Man instead of Mag and i thought it was Hardstyle hehe anyways, thanks :D
9y, 6M ago Coretex - Out There lyrics [Hardstyle]
Woo!! Sweet, thank you so much! :)
9y, 7M ago D-Mind vs. Wavolizer - Identify (Original Mix) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Once again, thank you so much eddie! I appreciate it a lot.
9y, 7M ago Lichtenfels - Kill The Silence (Original Club-Mix) lyrics [Trance]
Damn, thanks so much Eddie. I appreciate it a lot! And btw, i don't think it says Stop shout my love. but thank you anyways! :D
9y, 11M ago The Sickest Squad Ft. System 3 - One Of Us lyrics [Frenchcore]
Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate that :) I thought it said "When i wake up, it's always bullshit" Cheerz man! :)
10y ago Schwarzende - The Censored Theme lyrics [Hardstyle]
CORRECTION, again hehe I heard the song in slow motion, and it says SLAMMING instead of SHAMMING. :)
10y, 2M ago The Raiders - The Search (Track 2) lyrics [Hardstyle]
Thaaanks Zup :D
10y, 2M ago Solid Inc. - What I Found lyrics [Dance/House]
Thank you so much man, I've been looking for the lyrics of this amazing song! FL ftw!!! :D
10y, 4M ago Schwarzende - The Censored Theme lyrics [Hardstyle]
It says Kicking, rocking, shamming, fucking Jumping, bouncing, riding, fucking Kicking, rocking, shamming, fucking Jumping, bouncing, riding, fucking And go! Pretty awesome song
10y, 4M ago Showtek - Loco lyrics [Hardstyle]
Yeah the lyrics in spanish are right Zup :) and by the way, it says: Me llamo Stex :)
10y, 4M ago G1 & Twizted feat MC G-Angel - Fame lyrics [Hardstyle]
Once again, thanks so much! :D
10y, 4M ago G1 & Twizted - K.I.N.G. lyrics [Hardstyle]
Sweeeeeeet thank you so much again Zup!! :)
10y, 5M ago Lichtenfels - B-Boys Fly Girls (Radio Edit) lyrics [Dance/House]
Woo! Thanks so much Zup! I really appreciate that. :-)
11y, 3M ago Brian M vs. MC Bunn - Into Hell lyrics [Hardstyle]
this song is so damn sweet! GO DOWN INTO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D