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About Shyro Markus, 19, Switzerland
Music I like: Breakcore, Chillout, Crossbreed, Drum & Bass, Doomcore, Hard Dance, Hardcore (Industrial, Uptempo, UK), Hardstyle, Jungle, Subground & probably more
Other things I like: Lolo, hangin out with friends, parties, snowboarding, movies, games, computer stuff. . .



The Lolochat <3

What the Lolochat is up to
18:23 proz4xXx: what you bitches up to?
18:36 Shyro: language please you twat
18:36 Shyro: also, looking at kittens & memes
18:37 HardstyleLJ: jerk off to animated ponies of course
18:38 aslak1: downloading terabytes of naked cartoon girls to use as my steam profile pics
18:39 djhandedout: manshaming cis-males on youtube comments while crying about my dad issues


23:26 Shyro: Damn internet! ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
23:27 T3rm1n4t0r: Tshhhh.... turn the table back --'
23:27 Shyro: ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)
23:28 BloodyTwin: I thought it was an angry crab pissing on an upside down table <.<.

How to end world hunger:

22:41 BloodyTwin: 5 cents to african prince, 1 cookie for shyro, World hunger = ended.
22:41 BloodyTwin: GTFO Hippies or hippos or whatever.


Aslak is nuts:

21:07 H4LHitout: We have weed sauce with our fries
21:10 aslak1: Nice
21:11 aslak1: but i have registered winrar
21:11 Shyro: :o
21:11 Shyro: show us!
21:12 aslak1: no! it's mine D:<



21:44 > New free track: Tartaros - B.O.O.M. (Radio Edit) [Hardstyle]
21:44 DaHunger: haha xD
21:45 kickAD: _o-
21:46 Salva: lol
21:46 Shyro: LOL


Antisocial Stan is antisocial

19:13 Stan: Why are there so many people online?
19:13 Stan: Go away :paranoid:

More Stan (Ft. Shiny):

16:44 Stan: Country roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads
16:44 Stan: Take me hoooooooooooooooooome
16:44 Shyro: No, Stan
16:44 Stan: To the plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
16:44 Stan: I belooooooooooooooong


Just helping out core and aslak with their collab:

19:20 Core: noisia is sick though, the design is orgasmic. we're never gonna be able to do something THAT good
19:20 Shyro: you can do it
19:20 Shyro: just kazoo it
19:21 aslak1: well i'm gonna download a kazoo sample library now so thanks
19:21 Shyro: good
19:21 aslak1: 1,1gb, this better be some quality kazoos
19:22 Core: damn it shyro, why did you have to tell him about kazoos?
19:22 Shyro: :dunno:
19:23 Shyro: just wanted to motivate you
19:23 aslak1: wait how is vuvuzuela written
19:24 Shyro: without the last u
19:24 aslak1: thanks
19:24 Core facepalms
19:25 BlueBerry: xD
19:25 Shyro: no worries core, looks like it's gonna be a good collab
19:25 aslak1: ;)


11:56 Shyro: Wait, it actually thinks it's human?
11:56 Shyro: Hunger has become sentient :o
11:57 DaHunger: of course not [censored] I'm better than human I'm a V8 supercharged free track submitter


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