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About Gorutrance I'm Aurora and I produce music. First I produced Hard Trance under alias Xyloblast after that I changed my name to Casketkrusher to start making Breakcore. But now I produce Lolicore/Happy Hardcore under alias Casketkrusher. I'll try to make my music sound oldskool because after 1998 Hardcore music was becoming bad...

Netherlands (2011 – present)
Casketkrusher is Aurora’s Lolicore/Happy hardcore project, based out of the Netherlands. Although he has been producing music under this name since 2011, he began producing in 2007 under the name Xyloblast. Xyloblast alias aims to explore Aurora’s happy side whereas Casketkrusher was started to express his angry side.

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~Splatter Fest (EP)
~Slaughtered Anime (EP)
~Casketkrusher & S:A:C! (Split album)
~Glasswork (Full-length album)
~Menstrual Carnage (Full-length album)
~Casketkrusher/NeroshaTE/SekjeT Split (Split album)
~Fuck Yeah, Carols! (Various artists)
~loli★madness (Full-length album)
~Can’t Stop Raving!!! (Promotion mix)
~in history of ravers. (EP)
~Super Secret Lolicore Compilation, Volume 1 (Various artists)
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