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Posted by atomicoz - 2011-04-08Hey all, now you can get notified by e-mail if you're interested in a track someone already requested. Just head onto the request you want to watch and click on "Mail me when it's added" :)

AdamBast 7 years ago
Ah, thanks. my FF is modded to be the most minimalistic, and it doesn't show RSS icons, thx for the link.
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atomicoz 7 years ago
Yep AdamBast, already shows artist+title+a few lines like you want

Seems like they removed the RSS icon from the address bar in the newest Firefox.. And chrome doesn't even support nor show links to RSS feeds anywhere.. Might have to it back in on the site :P

FF: click on Bookmarks -> subscribe to this page
IE: Look for the RSS icon in the upper right
Safari: 'RSS' text right of the address bar
AdamBast 7 years ago
Stupid offtopic question:
Is it possible to subscribe to new lyrics via RSS?
(IMO artist, title and first few lines are more than enough to show up in the reader)
My head is bangin'
You're killing me
Please don't stop
NoX 7 years ago
Hey that's a pretty good idea, nice add.
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atomicoz 7 years ago
I think the text is pretty self-explanatory haha
Moved it down next to the "not added"-line + added hover text, should be a bit more apparent what it does :P
eddie 7 years ago
I was wondering what the fuck that link meant XD
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