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Artist Track Genre (?)
1 AREA21 Spaceships Other ↑1
2 Mark With A K ft. Runagr.. See Me Now (For What It's Worth) Jumpstyle ↑1
3 Basshunter DotA (English Translation) Dance/House ↑1
4 Coone Ft. David Spekter Faye Hardstyle ↑4
5 Brennan Heart & Jonathan.. Imaginary Hardstyle
6 Harold van Lennep Liberation Dance/House ↑1
7 Metallica Enter Sandman Metal New
8 Hilight Tribe Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix) Psychedelic/Goa New
9 Nirvana Come As You Are Rock New
10 Danny Tenaglia + Celeda Music Is The Answer (Dancin' An.. Dance/House New