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DJ Nosferatu - The Underground Stream lyrics

If an initiate can perfect the Great Work
From death and putrefaction...
He will have achieved
Eternal goal on the Underground Stream

The relic will provoke divine service
When the Apocalypse drew it near...

Alfa and Omega, the beginning and end of time
Life from death
Palin Genesis

Palin Genesis
Reviving the dead

(The relic will provoke divine service
When the Apocalypse drew it near...)
(Palin Genesis
Reviving the dead)

The Underground Stream will need to flow several centuries more
Before the Great Work can be wrote
The Underground Stream does possess my secret relic
That is shown to the Book of Revelation
Since ancient Egypt, each master of Alchemy in his generation
Passed on secret knowledge to his successor:
The 'Underground Stream'

Cover: DJ Nosferatu - The Underground Stream
  • Various - A Gathering Of Styles

  • Year
  • 2003

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  • Feb 9, 2009 by zup

Lyrics taken from the movie 'Revelation' (2001)
2 lyrics with the source Revelation
Pain 4 years ago
Might as well remove it imo :P
And the rain will kill us all.
invictus 4 years ago
Are we replacing Sasuke with new name? or leaving for posterity.
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