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Going with the flow this is TBASS playing with the beat
Wanna see the ground freak today
Got the fucking hard bass to rock this place
The booming loud sounds straight into your face

Singing brutal and sadistic
Brutal and sadistic (sing it)
Brutal and sadistic [2x]

Rock on

It's time to let the bass drum go
Are you ready for the brutal and sadistic show?

I'm a brutal and sadistic mother fucker

Singing brutal and sadistic
Brutal and sadistic (sing it)
Brutal and sadistic [2x]

Are you ready for the hardest beats on planet earth?
Ok vielleicht ein bisschen übertrieben mit Planet Earth
Aber.. ja

Minupren & Stormtrooper - This Is TBASS
TBASS = The Brutal And Sadistic Show aka Minupren & Stormtrooper
Some crazy free shit for you. Turn it up and go bananas!

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  • Year
  • 2014

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#1 Daily Hardtechno/Schranz

Added Apr 23rd, 2014 by djhandedout

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