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Step by step
Heart to heart
Left, right, left
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers
Bit by bit
Torn apart
We never win
But the battle wages on
For toy soldiers
Anon - Toy Soldier (Weaver & Tom-E DJ Tool Mix)
Just updated my Weaver soundcloud with some new bits!

*20+ tracks
*The first batch of the Weaver Files releases!

01. Blue Eyes (Weaver DJ Tool Mix)
02. Hardcore Nation (Weaver DJ Tool Mix)
03. Listen (Weaver DJ Tool Mix)
04. Youth Of A Nation (Weaver DJ Tool Mix)
05. Born Slippery (Weaver & Suae DJ Tool Mix)
06. Diary Of Jane (Weaver & Suae DJ Tool Mix)
07. Infinity (Weaver DJ Tool Mix)
08. Toy Soldier (Weaver & Tom-E DJ Tool Mix)

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  • 2013

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Added Jul 17th, 2013 by DaHunger

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