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Newgen - Make Me Wanna Do
High Tea Music: VOL 3
1. Zazu - Unfold
2. Lexurus - Gravity
3. Felix Raymon & Smuskind - Love & Devotion (ft. Luna Morgenstern)
4. Lifecycle - Begg Naa La CuSn
5. Sektor & Subsequent - The Siren
6. Shapeless - Calling Me
7. NEWGEN - Make Me Wanna Do
8. Pulse - LP
9. Redemptive - Adrenaline
10. [urlhttp://www.lololyrics.com/free-14520]Aetherial - Revenants[/url]
11. Battletek - The Missing Piece Is You
12. Lasu - Moving On
13. Tidlwav - Hold On

'High Tea Music', established by Dutch drum and bass-acts T & Sugah and Zazu, is a record label focusing on pushing new and established artists in the liquid bass-scene. We don't believe in simply selling music for a fixed price only. Instead we give you guys the freedom to pay what you want, or even download our music for free!

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