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viewtifulday & Kopacetic - Verity (Pendarr Remix)
I recently came across my remix of this I did a while back on my old alias, and although I always thought it turned out pretty decently, I kind of rushed to finish it and it just felt a little out of date, even for myself at the time, so I wanted to try to give it an update and make something I'm really proud of, because I really love the original song. I didn't tell viewtifulday that I would be re-remixing this so hopefully he doesn't mind!

Just wanted to add in a special thanks for 1600 followers here on soundcloud. It always blows me away that so many people care enough about what I make and post here that they want to follow me, and I wish I could express my thanks in a more sincere way, but just know that it means the world to me! I'm going to have another track up for download pretty soon as well. Good to be productive again!

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Added Nov 14th, 2016 by Meaty

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