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Frontliner - What You Come For (Radio Edit)
I have never asked for anything else than a hand full of people liking my music. But today I am: Please vote for me at the DJMAG. I always thought it didn’t mean much and it seemed stupid to promote another company just to get some internet recognition and tbh I still do. But Hardstyle is ready to take over the world and unfortunately there are a lot of promotors that are not known with our music yet and actually pay notice to the results. I’ve brought my music to so many new countries since ranking #37, but we can grow bigger, WE NEED TO GET THAT NUMBER UP! Weekend Warriors, LET US GO AND SHOW THE WORLD HOW HARD WE ARE!! From Mexico to Australia and everywhere in between! As my thank you for voting for me here is my new track ‘What You Come For” as a free download <3

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  • 2016

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Added Jul 10th, 2016 by Bomberz

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