Added request genres, more privacy and a reworked submission page
Posted by atomicoz - 2011-07-10Three new things added today. :)

1. Requests are divided into genres so it's much easier to help out in your favourite genres. All old requests are under the 'Other' genre for now. (Requested by Bizkit)

2. The lyric submission and edit pages have gone through a big change. Most info is available directly on the page, and you can add multiple source fields instead of separating them with the | symbol.
(Oh and you have to confirm leaving the submission page when you started writing a lyric, so you can't accidentally change page and lose it)

3. Also if you don't want guests or bots to read your profile, you can disable it when changing your profile text. (Requested by Pain)

Bizkit 6 years, 11 months ago
Nice changes :)
Fear my lyrical powers, for they are great.

H4LHitout 6 years, 11 months ago
H4LHitout, pissing you off in a polite way.
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