2 years of Lololyrics!
Posted by atomicoz - 2009-01-29Today, the 29th of January, Lololyrics turned 2 years old!
You can now choose your country on the about page to show off your nationality. ;)

We managed to get 6840 lyrics just as the clock switched over to the 29th, just 160 lyrics away from the goal of 7000 lyrics.
In the end there was more then 300 lyrics approved per week which could be considered pretty damn good in my opinion. :P

Now go get out your grill and put a big steak on it and celebrate the new loloyear!

avidus 7 years, 9 months ago
OnceExisted 7 years, 9 months ago
fan va skönt, grattis. loloyear =P
carlossolano 8 years ago
oh yeah!! I live for the music
Kasai 8 years ago
zup 8 years ago
:o forgot to comment so with some delay:
happy birth day! :D
Jipdenk 8 years ago
Gratz :)
Love this site!
AdamBast 8 years ago
My head is bangin'
You're killing me
Please don't stop
Imil 8 years ago
late gratz :)
Qz 8 years ago
congrats atomicoz! :D
richard 8 years ago
Imils challenge fail :O
Fredo 8 years ago
I huge everybody except Rudi, who will have a punch on his head ! :o

Heehh, too lazy for makin' me under rage. Happy two years y'all. **out**
Rudi 8 years ago
I kiss everybody except you fredo :O
Fredo 8 years ago
Okay, i only hate Rudi. :o
Rudi 8 years ago
No I only kiss atom
Fredo 8 years ago
*Hem, you won't...

Well so, kissin' myself ain't so bad. :D XD
Fredo 8 years ago
And i won't kiss me too, Rud ? o_O
You bad mf, i hate you !!! :cry: XD

Rudi 8 years ago
if you would live in holland i would kiss you atom :O
Azrael 8 years ago
wohooo 2yrs of lolo mf's! ;D
Roby31 8 years ago
yaaaaay :D (i had commented on the merry new year yesterday, lacking this post XD)
Pain 8 years ago
wow ! some party ;)
* gets some beer, hops in his grill-mobile and takes off*
Va fan, intrige!
atomicoz 8 years ago
this party ain't ending within a month so feel free to come :D
Pain 8 years ago
AMG!! why did i not know this? :( thats just mean :O
i would've come to you if you told me that earlier :(
Va fan, intrige!
atomicoz 8 years ago
of course sasuke, i have a builtin laptop in the grill and it's crowded with people here. where are you guys?! :P
Pain 8 years ago
haha XD i really tought you were giving a grill party tho :(
Va fan, intrige!
pzylence 8 years ago
Yeeeeey :dance:
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